AMC Strategies, LLC, is a consulting firm specializing in strategic and business planning for Academic Medical Centers. Our clients include academic medical centers, academic health systems, universities, schools of medicine, nursing, pharmacy and public health, research institutes, academic departments, as well as many other academic and related entities. Since our launch in 2001 to meet the needs of academic medical centers, AMC Strategies continues to be absolutely unique. The distinction of AMC Strategies is:

  • A sole focus on strategic planning in the academic setting.
  • A professional team of expert consultants, all of whom have in-house experience leading strategic planning in an academic medical center.
  • A collaborative, hands-on approach: we provide the strategic planning know-how, tools and techniques to tap into our clients’ big, innovative ideas – together defining vision and strategic direction.
  • Implementation planning: AMC Strategies consultants know first-hand that a strategic plan is only successful if it is actually implemented. We work with our clients to ensure successful implementation of their strategic plan.

AMC Strategies has earned a national reputation for achieving successful strategic planning results for many of the most prominent and well-respected academic medical centers and academic organizations in the country. We work collaboratively with leadership, faculty, staff, students and trainees to define and implement a new strategic vision aimed at achieving the tripartite missions of academic medicine: research, clinical care and education. The approach of AMC Strategies utilizes our proprietary multi-phased strategic planning model that has been proven to initiate and maintain momentum within the organization through every planning phase. This model is customized for each client’s organizational culture and strategic issues to better seamlessly integrate intent with actualization.

The successes and satisfaction of AMC Strategies’ past and current clients demonstrate the merits of our approach. We find our methodology to be the best avenue for developing a “living” strategic plan with proven results.